Hello, my name is Julius Graupner. I am an Industrial Designer currently living in Munich. Since I started my Bachelor in 2008, I worked on projects of different scale in different fields. Clients ranged from major companies like Airbus, BMW or Linde over Startups and design offices to creative hobbyists that needed help to realize their ideas. Some projects were about blue sky future concepts, some about injection mold ready 3D files. I operated in the field of services design, consumer electronics, IOT devices, healthcare, lifestyle products, transportation design, and furniture design. Since graduating at TU Munich I am working as a Freelancer, working for several clients of different scale and professions.
Getting to know different approaches and design methodology, I found out there is no best practice method to find a solution. Every project is different, demanding a unique approach. Sometimes quick explorative going through trial and error iterations, sometimes highly analytical and thoughtful. It comes down to creating products and experiences that make people's lives easier, safer or simply more joyful trough design that takes cultural differences, human needs and flaws into consideration. I want to create design that is meaningful and innovative, yet reasonable and long- lasting.
Besides design, I love fiddling around with my bikes and taking them on a ride. Trough photography, I try to capture aesthetics and beauty hidden in details.
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